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Gorges de l’Ardèche


The gorges of the Ardèche are a tourist site. Gorges, which form a veritable canyon thirty kilometers dug into the limestone plateau between the Arc (Vallon-Pont d’Arc) bridge and Saint-Martin d’Ardèche, may be followed by car from side north by a scenic drive through the hills. Their lower reaches, they form the border between the departments of Ardèche and Gard.

Numerous lookouts whose names are associated with different sites have been developed on the route from the Greenhouse Tiourre embracing view of the Cevennes to Ales at the entrance to the gorge before Ranc Sharp panorama Aiguèze Saint -Martin d’Ardèche and in the distance, the Rhone Valley and Mont Ventoux.

panorama gorgesLa Caverne du Pont d’Arc (grotte Chauvet)