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Our Swimming pool

the swimming poolWe originally intended to set up a pool which is both inviting and secure – and which harmonizes in a natural way  with its environment.
We decided to use traditional materials and techniques  : dry stones walls with a rustic finish: Natural shades such as ochre, brown, green and white …

The swimming pool measures 4m/11m/1.30m.

The pool is easily accessible for everyone, young and old; it is suitable for family games and more ambitious swimming.

The paddling area mesures  2m/0.30m

the swimming pool 3

This area permits the small ones to splash around, without danger and under the supervision of their parents
while their mums are lazing about with a good book in really warm water !!

the pool is heated in May, June and in September by means of our natural energy system (shred wood boiler).

The  guests are laving lazily on the lawn, sunning themselves, the children are playing their games and the parents, sitting together are having a friendly talk in a dreamlike setting.

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the "murier" tree

before the storm


This pool has been realized thanks to the outstanding expertise of the Raoux Company in Barjac which we congratulate for having put into practise our plans with exceptional proficiency.